House rules
The guidelines below have been drawn up to maximize the prevention of infections and to ensure the party is as safe as possible for everyone involved. If you do not abide by the 1,5 meter rules of the organisation or the government, access to the premises will be denied. Any damages incurred by the company directly attributable to your failure to comply to these guidelines will be recovered from you.

Rules for visiting
Tickets are sold prior to the event. You purchase a ticket for a table: a maximum of two people are allowed to sit at one table. The reason for this is that it is impossible for us to determine whether or not a person belongs to a certain household. Whether you sit alone or together with one other person at the table is your own choice; the ticket price will remain the same. The organisation does not provide lockers or a wardrobe. You can store your belongings at either your table or in your vehicle.

Upon entering we will conduct an interview. Our staff will always keep a 1,5 meters distance from you. We reserve the right to deny entrance in case of suspicion of illness (cold and/or flu).

Immediately after entering the location you are able to purchase coins; during the night this will be done via our waiters. They are also able to provide you with non-medical face masks and merchandise.

All guests have a seat. Our staff will guide you to the area and upon arrival, you can select your table with him or her. 'First come, first serve' applies here. You can choose from any unoccupied table. Always obey the instructions of the staff.

We have tried our utmost best to provide every table with a good view of the stage. Changing your table during the night is not possible.


 All tables and chairs will be cleaned and disinfected before and after the event in accordance with the official guidelines. Face masks are allowed, but not mandatory. If you wish to purchase a non-medical face mask, you can notify one of our waiters. Hand soap and disinfectant are readily available.

Toilets are available which will be thoroughly cleaned. Unfortunately we do not have smoking facilities available at every area. Due to the layout of the location and the rules imposed by the government, it is impossible to provide this. When ordering your ticket, the description will clearly state if there are smoking facilities present for that specific area. Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience

Leaving the location
It is always possible to leave the event before the end.

Obey the house rules and government regulations when leaving.